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Main Flying Screens

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Configure, Calibrate & Defaults Screens

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Home Screen

wht_sp20.gif (55 bytes) Auto "A" or Manual "M" wind entry for HW/TW final glide.
Netto Average (The number displayed here can be configured.), (upper left)
Vario Averager (top right)
Distance To Goal (second row from top, right side)
Current Altitude (third row from top, right side)
Instantaneous wind component in flight direction  (bottom left)
Wind Measure Mode (Auto "A" or Manual "M") (bottom right)
Speed-to-Fly (Push/Pull graphics on left)
Glide Slope (Graphic on right shows the sailplane moving above and below the glideslope)

Press UP or DOWN to select Automatic "A" or Manual "M" wind entry.
Press LEFT or RIGHT to view other screens.
Hold the GO key and LEFT or RIGHT arrow key to go to the Configure, Calibrate and Defaults screens.
Hold GO to see Elapsed Time. The timer resets if you hold the GO key for more than 3 seconds. The timer automatically resets and starts counting when the airspeed gets above 25 knots.  It stops upon landing to show your total flight time.